Sugested Supplements*


MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) provides a source of naturally present bioavailable sulphur, a mineral that supports collagen, connective tissue and healthy joint cartilage.

Solgar MSM 1000mg
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Zinc promotes healthy skin, hair and nails and supports normal taste and vision. It exerts antioxidant activity and can support a healthy immune system.

Solgar Chelated Zinc
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Silica is a mineral that supports calcium balance within the body.

Solgar Oceanic Silica
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Flaxseed Oil is one of the premium sources of Alpha-Linolenic Acid (Omega 3), an essential fatty acid that can’t be made by the body and must be obtained from diet. The oil is derived from the seeds of the Flax plant (Linum usitatissimum), one of the most concentrated vegetarian plant sources of Omega 3 fatty acids found in nature. Omega-3 Alpha-Linolenic Acid from Flaxseed Oil helps to support cardiovascular, immune, and skin health. This formulation offers premium, organic Flaxseed Oil, cold pressed without the use of chemical solvents.

Solgar Flaxseed Oil 1250mg
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The Borage Oil is a natural vegetable oil, rich in essential fatty acids. The Borage Oil Super GLA 300mg of Solgar is obtained by techniques of cold pressure excluding the use of solvents (Hexane).The capsules of Oil of Great Borage GLA 300 mg of Solgar are without corn, yeast, soya, wheat, or derivative dairy products and without preservatives, aromas or artificial colouring agents.

Solgar Super Starflower Oil 1300mg
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Solgar Grape Seed Extract naturally contains polyphenols known as aligomeric roanthocyanidins (OPCs).  these active ingredients also exist in many plants and herbs such as green tea, bilberry and cranberry, and are important to healthful traditions around the world.  In addition to being cardioprotective, proanthocyanidin compounds possess the powerful antioxidant properties that help fight cell-damaging free radicals which can cause oxidative stress in the body, and in turn contribute to premature aging of cells.

Grape Seed Extract 100mg
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Biotin is an essential B vitamin that helps with numerous healthy metabolic functions in your body. Solgar’s 5000ug Biotin tablets provide a maximum strength dose, so you get the best possible benefits from this must-have vitamin. Biotin is especially important for healthy skin, thick shiny hair and strong nails; Solgar Biotin is a great beauty-boosting supplement as well as a health-giving one. Biotin also helps to lift low energy levels and moods, supporting your psychological health while giving you a physical boost.

Solgar Biotin Capsules 1000ug
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Lecithin contains essential fatty acids (omegas) and Choline and Inositol in their highly absorbable ‘phospholipid’ forms as well as other vitamins, minerals and nutritional factors. Lecithin forms part of the lipoproteins, which are cholesterol-carrying vehicles in our blood, enabling them to be distributed more efficiently and keeping cholesterol from sticking to arterial linings. Lecithin has been shown to
lower cholesterol levels and protect cholesterol from oxidation, due to being a component in lecithin-cholesterol acyl transferase.

Advanced Antioxidant Formula Vegicaps
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*Note: This service does not replace normal medical care. Please consult with your doctor prior to commencing any Cardiovascular programmes or taking medication.


Lifestyle Factors

  • Identify and address potential food allergens
  • Stop smoking


  • Trans fats/hydrogenated fats
  • Fried foods
  • Alcohol
  • Allergens


  • Oily fish
  • Vegetables
  • Fruit
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Whole grains
  • Water